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Apgar And Sullivan is in charge of overseeing The Design, The Development, The Building and The Management of all projects built under 

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects Master LLC.


A Series Limited Liability Company - Based in Las Vegas, Nevada

Our Company - Meet the Team

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Charles James Apgar - CEO #One

Founder/Chief Executive Officer #One

Apgar And Sullivan was founded in 1971

Licensed in Nevada in June 2018

 I am Charles James Apgar CEO1 of Apgar And Sullivan. Born in Middletown, Ohio in 1942. I grew up in a Construction environment, therefore when I became old enough, I started my own construction business. In my earlier years, I had a business in Ohio, then upon moving to Texas in 1970, was in business there also.  In late 1982 we decided to move to Las Vegas, Nevada. We have been in Las Vegas, Nevada for 37 years.

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Mildred Vearlene Sullivan - CEO #Two

Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer #Two 

Apgar And Sullivan was founded in 1971

Licensed in Nevada in June 2018

 I am Mildred Vearlene Sullivan CEO2 of Apgar And Sullivan. Born in Coleman, Oklahoma in 1941. I was raised on a farm in rural Oklahoma. And, if anyone else grew up on a farm, you know the work there is never done. The livestock and the farm, in a way, ran our lives.

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Additional Information

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects Master LLC - Based In Las Vegas, Nevada 

It will take lots of hard work and worldwide resources to build these projects. 

 So, unless you are thinking long term, please pass us by.  

The future, your future, could start today. 

There are numerous links in search engines about us and these projects and what we're trying to do. 

Just type in: 

Apgar And Sullivan 


The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects. 

Lots of sites will come up. 

You can see and read for yourself what we're about.

The designs have changed many times through the years and so has the information regarding these projects. 

Once something is on the Internet it seems to live forever.

Keep this in mind when you run across outdated information.

You will always find the most up to date information on our websites. 

We're not trying to sell you anything or talk you into anything. 

We want your support only if you decide that's what you want also.

We only hope that you will consider us. 

Together we can make the future better. 

Come Follow Us Into The Future.

About Us

49 Years and Counting


Starting in the year of 1970 in Texas, USA we proceeded to build schools, public buildings, apartment buildings, telephone exchange buildings, commercial buildings, city halls, banks, sports stadiums, etc., etc., etc.  Now in Nevada, USA we're into design-build. Overseeing development from a raw piece of land to a finished project open for business. We will manage all of the properties we control ownership in.    

State of the Art Designs


Our team of architects and designers for the past several years have been working on various designs for The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects. The projects can be built in several sizes ranging from 75 acre projects to 640 acre projects. The size project built will be determined by location of a project and the local needs of a project of this magnitude. We can design a given project to fit in and meet your local needs. 


Apgar And Sullivan Cares


We care most about the quality of the projects we design and build. Each of these projects will be mini vertical walkable city. You will be able to live here, work here and play here. You would never have to leave if you didn't want to. There will be places to live, place to shop, places to eat, entertainment, parks and recreation, medical, banking and many more things. They will meet most every need for your day to day living.

To Whom It May Concern

  If you're interested at all, we need to know what your interests or concerns are in The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects. 

Please do not cold call us expecting us to answer. Instead, please contact us on our contact us page via this website.

Please Contact Us With Your Full Name - Your Full Address - Your Investment Amount - If none put 0.00 - Your Interests/Questions/Message - Your Email Address - Your Phone Number

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