We Know You Want To Know What We Do Here At Apgar And Sullivan

 Apgar And Sullivan is a partnership licensed in Nevada, USA. We wear many hats here at Apgar And Sullivan. And we're licensed to do about anything that is legal. 

We: Charles James Apgar and Mildred Vearlene Sullivan 

are partners in Apgar And Sullivan. 

We have been business partners since 1970.

This Year Makes 50 Years and Counting

Starting in the year of 1970 in Texas, USA we proceeded to build schools, public buildings, apartment buildings, telephone exchange buildings, commercial buildings, city halls, banks, sports stadiums, etc., etc., etc.  

Now in Nevada, USA we're into design-build. Overseeing development from a raw piece of land to a finished project open for business. 

We will manage all of the properties we control ownership in.    

We're currently both designers on 

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the things we have been working on here at Apgar And Sullivan for many, many years is the various designs of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

Here at Apgar And Sullivan we oversee a lot of things. 

We oversee the dreamers, the designers, the engineers, the developers and the builders of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

Our current project here At Apgar And Sullivan is: 

Working on the various designs of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

If you do decide to contact us for any reason, 

you simply need to be straightforward with us.

We will be straightforward with you in return.

Just be yourself

Don't waste your time or our time trying to impress us.

We're not trying to impress you.

We don't have time for such things.

We're simply here to build some projects, not nice one another to death.

We're just everyday people. We don't bite.

So, don't be afraid to contact us.

We need your participation.

These projects won't build themselves.  

If you're interested in any way, in being a part of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects, we welcome you to join us. Maybe we can use the knowledge and expertise that each of you could bring to these projects as we move forward. 

Please let us know what your interests are. 

Contact Us on our Contact Us page

The two of us have been working  on the various designs of 

The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects off and on for many years.

Through the years the designs have changed many times.

During these many years, life has gone on, time has passed and yet we haven't given up on The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects.

Some people think we should, we think why should we.

If we all lay down and quit, what will that build, who will that help? 

We hope that those of you that choose to join us and those of you that choose to invest in us and become a part of The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects, might also believe as we do, that together, we can create a better world, and a better future for ourselves and for those that will follow us.

Thank You for your participation. Thank You for your support. 

Tell your friends, tell your friends to tell their friends. Let's make this happen.

Sincerely, Charles James Apgar and Mildred Vearlene Sullivan

To Whom It May Concern

  If you're interested at all, we need to know what your interests or concerns are in The Multi-Trillion Dollar Dream Projects. 

Please do not cold call us expecting us to answer. 

Instead, please contact us on our contact us page via this website.

Please Contact Us With Your Full Name - Your Full Address - Your Investment Amount - If none put 0.00 - Your Interests/Questions/Message - Your Email Address - Your Phone Number

Contact Us on our Contact Us Page

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